Welcome to our website. You will find many interesting antique books in digital form. The books available on this website contain a lot of valuable information and can educate many handicraftsmen, restorers, research workers and others. Due to poor paper quality and print of many of these books, they are now almost "extinct". Therefore there is a danger of forever losing the valuable experiences of these authors.

All these books you find on this website have been digitaly restored and are available to be posted on a CD. There is only simple cover with CD's content. This is single piece production. It is not possible to make individual cover for every e-book.

Corporate name: www.digibooks.cz
E-mail : digibooks@volny.cz
Place of business: Novy Svet 25, 118 00 PRAHA 1, Czech Republic, Europe
Phone: +420 220 514 794, Mobile: +420 739 200 466


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