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A DAUGHTER OF EVE, A Start in Life, Albert Savarus, Alkahest, AN HISTORICAL MYSTERY, An old Maid, Beatrix, Bureaucracy, Catherine de' Medici, Colonel Chabert, Country doctor, Cousin Betty, Cousin Pons, Droll Stories 1-3, EUGENIE GRANDET, FACINO CANE, FATHER GORIOT, FERRAGUS, Gambara, GOBSECK, Christ in Flanders, Juana, Lost Illusions - Two poets, Lost Illusions - A DISTINGUISHED PROVINCIAL AT PARIS, Lost Illusions - Eve and David, Louis Lambert, Maitre Cornelius, Massimilla Doni, Modeste Mignon, Old Goriot, Pierrette, Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau, Sarrasine, Scenes from a Courtesan's Life, Seraphita, Sons of the Soil, THE ATHEIST'S MASS, The Brotherhood of Consolation, The Deputy of Arcis, The Duchesse de Langeais, THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES, The Chouans, THE LESSER BOURGEOISIE, THE LILY OF THE VALLEY, THE MAGIC SKIN, The Marriage Contract, The Two Brothers, The Physiology of Marriage, The Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan, The Vicar of Tours, The Village Rector, Ursula, VAUTRIN.  Adobe PDF. 51 knih v Angličtině.


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